Welcome to the companion site for the Gender and Sexuality Reader! Our purpose is to engage undergraduate students, and their instructors, in cutting-edge gender and sexuality research.  We see the treatment of gender and sexuality in this book as reflecting both the most important classic statements, and the most up-to-date research on gender and sexuality.

In the 21st century classroom, students learn not only through reading texts, but also through a variety of other media. For example, films, video clips, podcasts, blogs, and images can help reinforce concepts, and updated news stories and data sources can help make the relevance of course materials clear. This website includes suggestions for supplemental texts, as well as updated resource materials which instructors and students can access.

We designed the site to complement the conversation started in the reader.  To remain consistent with the readings, you will find that the site is organized around the eleven themes found in the reader. In addition, the supplemental material and resources highlight our four consistent frameworks of intersectionality, masculinity, transgender, and global processes (IMTG).

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